Marian steps out from behind the counter

Kerry and Kilcummin football star Kevin McCarthy popped into The Village Inn to wish Marian Collins well in her retirement

AFTER 20 enjoyable years behind the counter, Marian Collins, proprietor of The Village Inn in Kilcummin, is pulling her last pints this week as she prepares for retirement.

She has spent two very enjoyable decades in business in the community and she has played a key role in the local hospitality industry, running the busy hostelry on a daily basis.

Marian and her late husband, Lal, bought the The Village Inn in September 1999 and it is still affectionately known to locals as Lal’s.

Marian is renowned for her kindness and generosity and her great way with people. She didn’t just provide a service to the community as she has always gone beyond the call of duty for her customers. They started out as strangers, became friends and she said she now considers them part of her family.

“She mourns when there is a loss and celebrates when there is a triumph. She has a truly motherly nature who shows empathy to all,” one local said this week.

Marian is a hosting a bon voyage party this Sunday in The Village Inn to bid farewell to her customers and, for a change, she will be outside the counter to mingle with all.

Her last night locking up the premises will be Tuesday, November 6.

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