On his Mark from outside the arc

As well as hitting nine three-pointers in the match, Scott’s Lakers captain Mark Greene also participated in a half-time blindfolded free throw competition.
Pictures: Eamonn Keogh

HE was so good at finding the target that he could almost do it blindfolded.

This was the scene at the Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre at the weekend when Scott’s Lakers captain, Mark Greene, shot the lights out with an incredible display of outside shooting.

He appeared well on his way to creating a new Irish senior national league record when he sank seven three-pointers in the first half against Tolka Rovers. Greene managed just two more threes in the second half, however, and it remains to be confirmed if he matched an existing record.
Nine threes in a game from one player is a huge return but, in hindsight, he could have scored much more had he played more minutes and attempted more shots in the second half.

According to St Paul’s Basketball Club PRO, Eamonn Keogh, the chances of a repeat opportunity to earn a permanent place in the record books is unlikely.
Greene had 13 attempts from outside the three-point arc, missing just four, and his 9-13 record gave an impressive scoring return of over 69 per cent.

That’s my boy: Mark participated int he half-time challenge in support of an Irish Cancer Society fundraiser undertaken by his mother Karen

In the NBA, Golden State’s Klay Thompson holds the current record of the most three-pointers scored in one match with 14 converted from 24 attempts, giving a return of 58 per cent. Thompson created this new record in a 149-124 victory over Chicago Bulls last October, beating the previous record of 13 threes set by his team-mate Steph Curry.
“The Irish national league and the NBA are worlds apart and should never even be compared but the stats figures do raise the ‘what if’ question if Mark Greene had got the ball in his hands more often and actually attempted another 10 or 11 more three-point shots in this match,” said Eamonn.

“Unfortunately, one or two of his Lakers teammates were very focused on taking their own shots on many occasions and weren’t thinking of the importance or significance of facilitating any new records,” he added.
Basketball Ireland records and scoring archives for senior national league and superleague over the years aren’t readily accessible or available. While some American players have hit double digit three-pointer returns, it is unclear if any Irish player has ever scored more than nine three-pointers in a national league game.
From the senior national league stats figures, Lakers captain Mark Greene is clearly in good company when it comes to three-point shooting records. His shooting streak also extended beyond the game on Saturday night when he participated in a half-time blindfolded free throw competition to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

Mark participated, along with Lakers coach Cormac O’Donoghue, to support a charity fundraiser undertaken by the Killarney skipper’s mum, Karen, who is currently raising funds for the charity as part of the annual Strictly Come Dancing project.

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