Mayhem at the Gap on a daily basis

The very busy road leading to the Gap of Dunloe

TRAFFIC gridlock is causing chaos at one of Killarney’s busiest tourist attractions and it is leading to concerns about health and safety standards if the area gets any busier.

The situation at the Gap of Dunloe has been highlighted by Cllr Michael Cahill who said the root of the problem is insufficient parking spaces and, in addition to causing frustration for tourists, it is difficult for the locals to live with.

Cllr Michael Cahill: Mayhem at the Gap

Cllr Cahill pointed out that last July and August, at a time when no overseas visitors were in Ireland, traffic mayhem occurred on a daily basis on the road leading to and from the Gap of Dunloe.

“The 70 car parking spaces available there are totally inadequate for the numbers of visitors to the Gap, even in a year when foreign travel was restricted,” Cllr Cahill said.

He added that it is predicted that 2022 will be a much busier year and, on a health and safety basis alone, the Gap of Dunloe is not prepared.

“Local business people are open to discussion on these issues and, in fact they are more than willing to help Kerry County Council in sourcing land that might be suitable to provide relief for the traffic problems that are obvious, even in quieter times, in the Gap of Dunloe,” Cllr Cahill remarked.