Message from Ukraine to Kerry: We will win together

Some of the donated goods being transported from Killarney to Ukraine

Kerry photographer Konrad Paprocki, who spearheaded a massive collection of goods to be shipped to help people in Ukraine, has been assured that all the donations have gone to the most worthy causes.

In a social message message sent from Ukraine to Konrad, Yuliia Vinnytska, has expressed thanks to all those who donated in Kerry as it provided such great support at a very difficult time.

She described those that donated as being “like lanterns who inspire us to crawl to the sweetest victory”.

Konrad Paprocki

Yuliia – who lives in Vinnyssia, a city on west-central Ukraine with a population of over 370,000 – has informed Konrad that everything donated will be given to those who really need help in towns and villages in Ukraine.

Her brief but welcome message ended on the defiant note: “We will win together”.

Konrad and friends organised the big appeal which resulted in several trucks packed with items donated by people in Kerry to help those suffering turmoil and hardship in war-torn Ukraine.

An estimated 100 tonnes of essential goods, contained in close on 200 pallets, were transported from Kerry to help the cause.

There was an overwhelming community response to a Kerry for Ukraine appeal organised by a small but dedicated committee and they filled five warehouses with donations of essential goods. First with the news. To advertise call 087-2229761 or email