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All the attributes of a great newspaper

LIKE thousands of others who consider this their daily news and sports bible, by now you will be well aware of, a very exciting publishing concept presenting an online daily newspaper that is very local but with an audience that is truly international.

In our first week online we attracted in excess of 10,000 views and, remarkably, that grew to an average of in excess of 280,000 plus per month. And our reach is getting longer with every passing day, with an astonishing 90,000+ readers of one story alone and over 10,000 followers keeping in touch with on Facebook has all the attributes of a great newspaper – news, sports, features, politics, entertainment, obituaries, celebrity and opinion – but in an ultra modern format.
The difference is we offer an immediate service, with updates as they happen, in an easy-to-navigate fashion, much preferred by those in the all-important 20-50 age group.
Let us pose a simple question: how many people under the age of 50 do you know that reads a daily or weekly newspaper? We thought so.
Can you recall the contact telephone number for any business that you may have heard advertising on radio or television in the past week? Just as we thought.
Now let us pose one final question: How many people do you know with a smartphone, a laptop, a home computer or an ipad connected to the internet? Get where we’re coming from?
The beauty of advertising on is that when a visitor clicks on your display advertisement, they will immediately be directed to your website to see what you wish to promote. It takes just one second for them to get there – and it remains right in front of them until they have got the message.
If you would like to be promote your business on we can tailor a package to suit your specific needs – at a really affordable cost.
Our advertising rates are all inclusive of VAT and with no hidden charges.
And, remember, one click can bring the reader straight to your website. will also be very happy to offer editorial and promotional support when possible and any newsworthy events you are planning will be generously referenced in our editorial section.
If we can be of any assistance, please contact us on: