Minister needs to grant more funds to students

A MEMBER of Kerry County Council has called on the government and the Minister for Education to increase the SUSI student grant as a matter of extreme urgency.

Cllr Michael Cahill said many families and students are experiencing extreme financial hardship with the cost of education and, in particular, the rising cost of accommodation, with rents increasing on almost a monthly basis.

Cllr Michael Cahill: students dropping out of college

He said it is leading to an ever increasing number of students having to leave college.

“I am aware of students who have opted out because their families could no longer afford the increased costs and I have been contacted by other families in recent times that are seriously considering having to do the same,” Cllr Cahill told

“The government needs to take education seriously and the only way of doing this is by increasing the SUSI grant as a matter of priority,” he stated.

Statistics released by SUSI show that of 4,189 grants applications received from Kerry for the 2015-16 academic year, 3,322 were approved and 864 were rejected.

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