More power to Dinny as he hits the road

Dinny Glavin setting out on his marathon journey from Dingle to Glasgow.
Picture: Domnick Walsh

ONLY a Kerryman would chance driving all the way from Dingle to Glasgow in an electric car but Dinny Glavin is determined to prove it can be done.

The Lispole man, a representative of the Dingle Peninsula 2030 group, will participate in the COP-26 UN climate change conference and, to prove their point, he will travel the marathon 1,700km trip in his electric vehicle.

On their way, Dinny and his travelling companions will visit communities in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland who are working on similar sustainability and transition initiatives, to share learnings.

In order to enable the societal changes needed to transition to a low carbon society, the Dingle Peninsula 2030 representatives are currently working with local schools, businesses, and the farming community on a number of projects.

The overall aim of Dingle Peninsula 2030 is to help create a sustainable future for the Dingle Peninsula and the Dingle Creativity and Innovation Hub is also working to identify employment opportunities and to help create the conditions for a sustainable economic future for the area.

The delegates were sent on their way and wished well by the Mayor of Kerry, Cllr Jimmy Moloney. early on Monday morning as they begin their sustainable energy journey to Scotland.