New house to ease pressing respite need

The go ahead has been given to Kerry Parents and Friends

THE Kerry Parents and Friends organisation has been given the green light to open a respite house for those most in need, on a full-time basis.

Cork-Kerry Community Healthcare has confirmed that following sustained work and engagement, a facility at Kilmorna, Listowel will open in the coming weeks to provide respite for adults with intellectual disability from throughout the county.

This follows an announcement last year that the house would open only on a part-time basis.

“Cork Kerry Community Healthcare has worked for a long period on addressing the very real need for respite in Kerry. The first step was providing funding to Kerry Parents and Friends to purchase the house at Kilmorna,” a spokesperson said.

The facility needed to be refurbished to meet HIQA standards and the work took longer than anticipated. Additional funding was provided to make the house is accessible to all and to meet regulation standards.

“Our plan is that respite will be offered at the house before the end of March and that it will be fully operational by the end of April. This is dependent on the outcome of the HIQA registration process and the recruitment of staff,” Cork-Kerry Community Healthcare said.

“We now look forward to working with Kerry Parents and Friends Association to open this house on a full-time basis”.

“There is a significant level of need in Kerry for respite and there will be a fair and transparent process in place in order to ensure there is equitable access to the respite provided at Kilmorna,” it added.

Cork-Kerry Community Healthcare thanked those awaiting respite and their families for their patience and understanding as well as the Kerry Parents and Friends Association and local politicians for the representations made.

“We acknowledge this has been a difficult time for persons requiring a service and their families as they have consistently advocated for a service in a constructive and respectful manner. As Kerry Parents and Friends Association is the service provider, we will continue to work with them in developing this much needed service for Kerry,” the spokesperson added.

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