No funding source to clear Flesk of growth

The River Flesk bursting its banks impacted on several businesses in Killarney in December 2015

IT is not the responsibility of Kerry County Council to undertake the cutback of growth that has occurred on the foundation of the old Flesk Bridge since the previous clearance work occurred after heavy flooding some years ago, Mayor of Killarney, Cllr Michael Gleeson, has been informed.

He has asked the local authority to clear the area immediately downriver of the current Flesk Bridge on Muckross Road while the trees are still relatively small.

Mayor of Killarney Cllr Michael Gleeson

The council said it is not the body responsibility for the maintenance of the river and, therefore, it is not in a position to carry out work there.

The local authority did previously help out during the storm damage of 2015 when trees and overgrowth were cleared from the surface of the islands.

“The use of track machinery was very problematic given the disturbance they may cause to the aquatic life of the river, particularly at this sensitive location,” a spokesperson said.

The council also stressed that no identified source of funding was available for further works at this time.

There was devastation in December 2015 when the River Flesk burst its banks and caused extensive damage and loss to several local businesses, particularly in the Whtebridge and Ballycasheen area of Killarney.

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