No masking the serious Covid litter problem

Five face masks dumped on a green area adjacent to the car park on the Fossa Way this Sunday evening

FACE masks, plastic gloves and disposable coffee cups have become the new scourge in the fight against litter.

Despite an appeal from Kerry County Council and tidy towns groups to people to dispose of them properly and responsibly, there is a trail of filth being left along popular walking trails and car parks in and around the town.

There have been several complaints of people being seen tossing coffee cups into hedges and ditches while masks and gloves are being thrown from car windows, particularly on quieter roads, or dropped to the ground by people as they head from the shops to their vehicles.

The problem is continuing on a daily basis with used masks and gloves being casually discarded in car parks, at petrol pumps or adjacent to supermarket trolley bays, sparking obvious public health concerns.

Face masks discarded on the ground at a supermarket car park in Killarney

Kerry County Council had already appealed to the public to dispose of used gloves responsibly and concerns have been raised that they could pose a major public health risk as efforts to stave off the threat of the coronavirus continue.

“There has been an increase of potentially contaminated gloves thrown on our streets and public areas,” a spokesperson for Kerry County Council remarked.

“If using protective items, such as plastic gloves or masks, when out in public or when shopping, it is essential to dispose of them correctly”.

The public has been asked to place the used items in the nearest bin or bring them home and dispose of them in the correct fashion. Otherwise they are putting the health and safety of those left to pick them up to dispose them at risk.