Over €2m in grants to keep roads and drains free

Floods have caused havoc in Kenmare and left many businesses counting the cost

KERRY County Council receives an annual drainage grant to help keep channels, pipes and gullies clear and free-flowing and the amount allocated for that specific purpose this year was €952,829.

In addition, the local authority received a climate change resilience grant of €806,675 to be spent on local and national roads to address significant drainage and flooding issues requiring a construction intervention.

Cllr Patrick O’Connor Scarteen

The details were supplied to Cllr Patrick Connor-Scarteen who asked officials what measures were being taken to alleviate flooding throughout the county to ensure motorists can travel safely.

Council officials said, in the case of national roads, Transport Infrastructure Ireland provides an annual maintenance grant for both primary and secondary routes and the allocation for 2021 was €617,769.

In addition, the council can apply for funding to address specific defects along the national road network and a further €187,325 was received through that source this year.