Parish debt at the end of 2021 down to €9,337

€52,086 was spent on altar requisite, including hosts, wine, candles, vestments and altar cloths

Despite the dramatic fall off in numbers attending Masses and other services, due to pandemic restrictions and people being fearful of large gatherings, the Killarney Parish has reported a healthy financial performance for the year ended 31 December 2021.

The operating surplus for the year was €157,257 and with the repayment of a €17,500 loan to the Kerry Parochial Trust, the net surplus was €139,757.

The outstanding parish debt at the end of the year under review was €9,337.

In terms of income, €204,590 was received through the weekly offertory collection and the monthly red envelope collection raised €27,584.

A total of €126,765 was donated at shrines and cribs in the three churches in the parish.

A total of €126,765 was donated at shrines and cribs

A further €11,000 was received through bequests and donations and €12,984 was collected in rent.

The very successful Silver Circle draw raised €51,000 and there was a tax refund of €48,461 received.

The total income for the year ended 31 December was €529,821 and that incorporates the three parish churches, St Mary’s Cathedral, the Church of the Resurrection and the Church of the Holy Spirit in Muckross.

In terms of expenditure, €108,488 was paid in wages and PAYE, heating bills amounted to €31,833 and lighting came with a price tag of €19,747.

A further €28,737 was spent on repairs and maintenance, insurance costs totalled €23,957 and choir and music costs reached €16,277.

€52,086 was spent on altar requisites, including hosts, wine, candles, vestments and altar cloths, while the cost of CCTV and providing a webcam service – which proved so essential and popular during the Covid lockdowns – came to €15,283.

The salaries of the priests in the parish was contributed solely through offerings and dues

There was a diocesan administration levy of €31,397 to be met, a €3,000 contribution was made to the Rathmore Fund and printing, postage and stationery brought in bills for €21,875.

A boiler house was replaced during the course of the year at a cost of €18,966.

A total of €35,390 was donated and disbursed in special collections to help various agencies and services, including the Needs of the Holy Land, Lourdes helpers, emigrant services, Trócaire, Peter’s Pence, education of priests, Accord, sick and retired priests, pastoral and retreat centres, the needs of the Irish Church, Propagation of the Faith and the Kerry Diocesan Youth Service.

The salaries of the priests in the parish was generated solely through the Christmas, Easter and November offerings, Station dues and offerings for funerals, weddings, baptisms and chaplaincies.

The priests and the parish finance committee have expressed sincere gratitude to the public for their support during 2021.

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