‘People can’t sit down in their own homes and have a bit of peace’

Cllr Donal Grady: Call in the army

THERE has been a call for the army to be summoned to control a festering dispute between two groups in a Killarney housing estate.

This follows another night of tension and altercations with the armed response unit and local gardai in attendance in Ballyspillane estate on Tuesday night as a stand-off threatened to spill over.

Video footage taken on a mobile phone has emerged on social media sites showing a violent row in a car park near the estate.

Killarney councillor Donal Grady said he fears it won’t end until somebody is killed and he said if gardaí can’t put a stop to the dispute, the army should be called in.

“This has been going on for a year. Gardaí said it would die out but it’s only getting worse,” he told KillarneyToday.com.

He said he received several phone calls from residents who were terrified in their own homes and they asked him to try to get something done.

“It’s a disgrace that people can’t sit down in their own homes and have a bit of peace. There are over 200 houses in that estate and the vast majority of them are very good people.

“They are scared and we must help them,” Cllr Grady added.

He said Kerry County Council should move to evict tenants if they are found to be involved in the feud.

“It cannot be allowed to continue. We must put a stop to this before somebody is dead and if the gardaí can’t do it then call in the army,” Cllr Grady added.