Plight of the parish without a playground

The crux in Beaufort is finding land suitable for a playground

IT’S the parish where children have no place to play – and one public representative insists it’s not good enough.

Despite Beaufort being one of the largest parishes in the county, it is one of only a few that does not have a children’s playground, Cllr Michael Cahill has pointed out.

“I have raised this issue on many occasions with Kerry County Council who have worked closely with local community groups but no solution has been found,” he said.

Cllr Cahill said, at this stage, local community groups need to pool their knowledge and experience to see if they can come up with a suitable parcel of land that can be acquired, if there is to be any hope of progress.

“I am convinced that a solution can be sourced locally and the people of Beaufort can move this forward,” said Cllr Cahill.

He said Kerry County Council has assured him that it stands ready to assist in any way it can, within budgetary constraints, to help provide a playground in Beaufort but finding a suitable site is the crux of the matter.