Portuguese Man O’War spotted on beach

Dangerous: Portuguese Man O’ War

KERRY County Council has confirmed that it has received reports of Portuguese Man O’War fish appearing on Banna Strand in recent days.

They can inflict very serious stings to humans while dogs are also vulnerable so members of the public are asked to avoid these fish if they come across them on any beach.

In the event of a sting, the following advice has been issued by Irish Water Safety:

* Ensure you don’t get stung yourself when aiding others

* Remove any attached tentacles with a gloved hand, stick, or towel

* Do not rub the affected area as it may result in further venom release

* Rinse the affected area copiously with sea-water. Do not use fresh water, vinegar, alcohol or urine

* Apply a dry cold pack to the area – place a cold pack or ice inside a plastic bag and then wrap this package in a t-shirt or other piece of cloth

* Use hot water for Portuguese Man O’ War stings at approximately 45° Celsius for 20 minutes

* Seek medical attention if there is anything other than minor discomfort

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