Profile: Seán Browne

Seán and Nicola
Seán and Nicola

What do you work at?
I work for, renovating and refitting bathrooms.
Tell us about your family?
Sadly, both of my parents are deceased. I have three brothers and one sister. My father served as chairman/mayor of Cashel Town Council for three terms.
What schools did you attend?
St John the Baptist National School. Cashel CBS and, when the CBS closed, Cashel Community School.
Who’s your best buddy?
Oskar, my dog.
Any childhood memory stand out?
A week before my confirmation, James “Chalky’ Walsh blew out my front tooth with a sneaky elbow. He went on to be Ireland’s most capped junior international. Family aside, who would be the first person you would like at your birthday party?
Roy Keane.
And the last?
Mick McCarthy.
International figure you most admire?
Malala Yousafzai.
National figure you most admire?
Joanne O’Riordan. No limbs, no limits.
Who irritates you?
Joe Duffy.
Who would you like to see as Taoiseach and why?
Stephen Donnelly, TD. He can do the sums and he has plenty of cop on.
Your most memorable holiday?
A cruise of Alaska on my honeymoon.
Your favourite place?
Lake Garda. Nicola and I were married there.
Favourite TV programme?
GAA Beo.
Dinner party at home or a night in the pub?
A night in Jack C’s pub, Killarney.
Favourite food?
Meatballs from Maher’s Butchers at the Reeks.
Signature dish if cooking?
Lemon chicken.
Favourite restaurant?
Treyvaud’s, Killarney.
Family aside, your ideal four dinner guests?
Luke Kelly, Mick Lally, the singer Mary Coughlan and Vincent Browne.
Wine and cheese, beer and crisps or tea and biscuits?
Tea and custard creams.
Eggs scrambled, fried, poached, boiled or raw?
Christmas morning or Mid Summer’s Day?
Mid Summer’s Day.

Out and about in the National Park: Seán and Nicola
Out and about in the National Park: Seán and Nicola

Hangover cure?
A walk in Killarney National Park.
Do you keep fit?
The dog does his best to keep me moving.
Best book you read?
The Ross O’Carroll Kelly series.
Last movie you watched?
The Family.
Last CD you bought?
The High Kings.
Your favourite song?
Blueberry Hilly by Fats Domino.
The actor you most admire?
Padraic from Moone Boy. He’s the love child of Pat Shortt, I’m thinking.
Do you have a pet? Oskar, my King Charles Spaniel.
Are you religious?
Are you political?
I like to have my say. And I like to have a say for those who never seem to be heard.
Morning person or night owl?
Night owl.
Favourite pin-up?
Anne Doyle.
Your proudest moment?
When my dog scooped a trophy for being the best pup at Bantry Dog Show in 2008. RIP Rusty.
Favourite sports star?
Pat Fitzell, Cashel King Cormac’s finest hurler.
What makes you happy?
When the sun is shining, the birds are singing and Harry is cutting the grass in the Demesne. Then you know it’ s summer in Killarney.
How would you like to be remembered?
A blow-in from Tipp. Not the worst of them.