Public told hit the road at bus and train stations

A sign on the fence at Killarney Outlet Centre advising the public to take the long way around

ANOTHER call has been made to Iarnród Éireann and Bus Éireann to provide a footbridge to link the town’s train and bus stations.

Local councillors have sought the facility on a number of occasions previously but another formal request has been submitted following a notice of motion by Cllr John O’Donoghue.

He said it is nothing short of an enigma in a tourist town that the train and bus stations are so close to each other yet people can’t access one from the other.

“Instead you see people walking through Killarney Outlet Centre carrying their luggage. It’s an anomaly that wouldn’t be tolerated in any other European country,” Cllr O’Donoghue stated.

Cllr John O’Donoghue: Enigma

He said what makes it more bizarre is that only a fence separates the bus station from the train station yet the public has to walk the long way around to get from one to another.

“Even a footballer as poor as I am could kick a ball from one side to the other,” Cllr O’Donoghue remarked.

The provision of a pedestrian bridge linking Killarney Railway Station with the nearby bus depot has previously been ruled out by both Iannród Éireann and Bus Éireann.

They said the cost of the bridge would be quite significant and the walking distance from the bus station to the train station was considered “quite short and not prohibitive”.

A footbridge is not an option for accommodating the elderly or those with mobility impairments and there is not sufficient space at the train station to facilitate a ramped bridge, the transport companies insisted.