Road repairs would impact hugely on street life

The works would, more than likely, involve the closure of the street for up to eight weeks

A FUNDING stream for the restoration of the road on Killarney’s Main Street – which is a state of disrepair – is currently being sought but the required works would require the full closure of the street for up to eight weeks, it has been confirmed.

Kerry County Council has acknowledged that the paved roadway section of the shared space on the street, as far as the Market Cross, requires restoration but the likely costs and the best way to approach the project has yet to be determined.

“The required works would, more than likely, require a full closure of the street for six to eight weeks,” council officials said in reply to a query from Cllr Brendan Cronin who said the area in question was a critically important town centre infrastructure.

Meanwhile, a section of roadway from the Glebe car park exit to the top of Plunkett Street has also been identified as requiring attention and it was previously included in the three-year multi-annual roads restoration programme of works for 2021.

“These sections of important infrastructure will be considered as part of the municipal district works plan.

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