Roof over playground not feasible

Angela McAllen: not considered feasible
Angela McAllen: not considered feasible

A PROPOSAL to erect a roof over a public playground in Killarney National Park at Knockreer might not be feasible, a meeting of the Killarney Municipal District Council was told.

Cllr Michael Gleeson had sought an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally appropriate cover to ensure the facility could be used irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions.

But Killarney Town Manager, Angela McAllen, said the facility at Knockreer was designed as an open air playground and its outdoor aspects are a central component of the experience for children.

“Given the nature and size of the Knockreer playground, it is not considered feasible to roof this outdoor playground,” she said.

Ms McAllen added that exposure to the weather is also an essential maintenance element for the equipment as rain washes it and the sun’s UV rays sterilise surfaces.

“It was not considered, as part of the overall design, to roof this outdoor playground,” she said.

The town manager said, however, that she would consult with the council’s playgrounds engineer, Vincent Foley, to see what could be done and if it is possible to cover a small part of the playground as opposed to the entire area.

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