Sam’s the man for the birds

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Killarney National Parks and Wildlife Service conservation ranger Sam Bayley will be providing information and regular video features on his work in the coming weeks.

National Park and Wildlife conservation ranger Sam Bayley
with ecologist Orla van der Noll.
Pictures: Valerie O’Sullivan

One of the main role of the ranger is to monitor the wildlife within the park and Sam’s particular focus is birds.

Some of his work is through observation and other methods such as bird ringing, which requires intensive training and licensing in the use of nets to catch the birds to ensure their welfare.

Conservation ranger Mary Sheehan, assisting Sam Bayley in setting up mist nets in order to study bird’s history and ecology

“Bird ringing helps us to study particular individuals within the population so we can learn about their movements, habitats and how long they live for,” said Sam.

“A series of measurements such as wing length, weight, ageing and sexing are key factors for us to record,” he added.

Working closely with Sam is Orla van der Noll, from Tralee, who is an ecologist with a passion for ornithology and chiropterology and the conservation of our biodiversity. Check out for updates.

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