Seán not so sweet as deer turn his peas mushy

Seán and the giant onion: At home in his garden in Gortroe

More by accident than design, MEP Seán Kelly has conducted an important study into the snacking preferences of the thousands of deer roaming Killarney National Park.

The former GAA President and his wife, Juliette, live directly opposite the park at Gortroe and their beautifully manicured lawn, colourful flower garden and extensive vegetable patch is just a short hop, skip and jump for the roaming deer.

The Kelly’s garden is protected by a high stone wall, mature hedging and a grid-gate but it is still an easy hurdle for the opportunistic and hungry deer to scale when they roam the roadside under the cover of darkness.

Wrecked: How the pea patch looked after the deer breached the fence

A disgruntled Seán took to social media a few short weeks ago to show the carnage caused by deer that gained access to his extensive pea patch.

Showing a snapshot of the not-so-pretty, trampled down aftermath, he remarked: “My lovely peas eaten and destroyed by deer who jumped a fence I had erected to deter them”.

Seán added: “Deer can wander all over the place from the national park. They’re nice but… my garden”.

A much happier Ireland South MEP was back on Twitter at the weekend brandishing a fine crop of onions he had just plucked from the same garden.

Seán’s original Tweet highlighting the damage to his peas

“Thank God, deer don’t like onions. At least I have something after my gardening endeavours this year,” he beamed

But, still fond of an occasional pod of peas with his Sunday roast, Seán pledged: “Next year, I’ll find a way to outfox the marauding deer”.

And when that is achieved, whether or not he’ll have to shell out on a solution, the deer can roam all they like as Seán will sleep-peasy as soon as his head hits the pea-low once peas are back on the menu.

Until then, in his culinary stand-off with the deer of Killarney, he is more than willing to give peas a chance.

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