Sem boys are neat on the street

Neat Streets students proudly displaying their neat streets award principal Seán Coffey (back, centre) and teachers Bryan O’Mahony and Kevin Cronin

A WAR on litter campaign in St Brendan’s College, Killarney has earned the school Neat Streets certification from An Taisce.

It’s to reward their efforts in an anti-litter and waste management campaign run within the school during the academic year.

The Neat Streets programme is designed to facilitate and develop leadership, project management, citizenship and communication skills among students, through the design and implementation of an anti-litter and waste campaign.

This year, transition year students in St Brendan’s College led the campaign with a number of other students involved from across the school community.

Through the Neat Streets programme the students were encouraged to initially assess and measure litter and waste levels within the school and then work to reduce the problem.

As part of the programme, the students involved engaged in monitoring areas around the school to ensure that they remained litter free. The work carried out this year will progress the school towards achieving a Green Flag award in the future. It’s the talk of the town. To advertise call 087-2229761