Serious issues in estates and in the village

A sewerage scheme is required in Beaufort village as a matter of urgency

A PUBLIC sewerage scheme is required in Beaufort village as a matter of extreme urgency, Kerry County Council has been told.

Cllr Michael Cahill: Raised the issue

Cllr Michael Cahill said there are serious sewerage issues pertaining to a number of housing estates in Beaufort and in the village area by and he urged council officials to apply to Irish Water for a public sewerage scheme as a matter of urgency.

The council said it has made numerous submissions and had frequent discussions with Irish Water seeking funding for both upgrades to existing public sewerage schemes and for the provision of schemes in villages which do not currently have public wastewater collection and treatment facilities.

In particular, in July 2018, Kerry County Council made a submission in relation to the Draft Irish Water Capital Investment Plan (2020 to 2024) highlighting the need for public sewerage schemes in unsewered villages, allied to the seasonal loading variations.

“The matter of the waste water infrastructure in our towns and villages will be reviewed as a constituent part of the review of County Development Plan,” a spokesperson said.

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