Ship of Souls sails to bursary success

Stills from Ship of Souls which has received the €10,000 bursary

A COVETED Kerry Short Film Bursary, valued at a very significant €10,000, has been awarded to writer/director Jean Pasley and producer Greg Burrowes for their project Ship of Souls.

Kerry Film Officer, Siobhan O’Sullivan, and Kerry Film Officer, Kate Kennelly, have confirmed that the project was selected from a competitive field of 60 applications and Ship of Souls was previously shortlisted in 2019 when it benefited from a script development award.

The screenplay is a fascinating look at the interplay of different cultures when a Japanese woman arrives in Kerry to grieve her deceased husband with his family.

Jean Pasley lived for many years in Japan and the inspiration for the short film came from her fascination with Obon, the annual Buddhist festival of the dead, that she witnessed there.

It is believed that each year during Obon, deceased spirits revisit this world in order to visit their relatives. Traditionally, lanterns are hung outside houses, food offerings are left at altars and graves are visited before the spirits are ceremonially guided back to their own world.

Writer/director Jean Pasley

Jean is an experienced writer and has directed two short films, Serial Numbers and To the Mountains. She also wrote, directed and co-produced the documentary Ordinary Worries: The Bosnian Community in Ireland and co-wrote the 2019 feature film Dead Happy.

Greg Burrowes is a producer based in Co Clare who has worked in the film industry for the past four years as a location sound specialist and he has been producing content since 2016. He has experience working in the corporate area where he has produced content for private companies and academic clients and is looking forward to branching out into the world of film production.

The Kerry Short Film Bursary, funded by Kerry County Council and the Arts Council of Ireland, aims to develop the film-making sector in the county.

Arts Officer with Kerry County Council, Kate Kennelly, remarked: “Kerry is an ideal filmmaking location with a wealth of interesting locations and local filmmaking services available”.

Kerry County Council Chief Executive Officer, Moira Murrell, emphasised that supporting filmmakers who want to locate their productions in Kerry is something that the local authority is keen to continue.

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