Speed cameras now on every main road to and from Killarney

NEW speed trap zones have been implemented on every road leading to and from Killarney as part of a major crackdown on irresponsible driving.

KillarneyToday.com can confirm that several new locations have been chosen for privately operated speed enforcement cameras and Gatso vehicles will be in position on the roads to and from town on a very regular basis.

As our photographs confirm, several new signs have already been erected on all main roads warning motorists that they are entering areas being closely monitored for speed.

The areas earmarked for closer inspection have a variety of speed limits, including 50kmph and 60kmph zones as well as 80kmph and 100kmph areas to ensure that drivers remain within the permitted limits at all times.

Warning signs have been put in place in the following areas:

  • Between the Golden Gates junction and the Kenmare side of the Lake Hotel
  • From Ballydowney roundabout to beyond the turn-off to the Gap of Dunloe road at Fossa
  • Between the Cleeney rounadbout, near Lidl, to beyond the turn-off to the New Cemetery on the Tralee road
  • Between the Pike Hill-Ballycasheen junction and the John A Woods depot on the Cork road

Motorists caught exceeding the speed limit in any area face heavy fines and penalty points on their driving licence.

If the fine is unpaid, then the financial penalty increases and court action might result.

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