Spiritual walks raise funds for meitheal

At the mindfulness walking sessions were, from left, Pat Dawson, Manager, Killarney House and Gardens, Ciara Irwin-Foley, Secretary, Killarney Rotary Club, Anne Alcock, event facilitator and the Venerable Simon Lumby, Killarney Rotary Club.
Picture: Valerie O’Sullivan

A NOVEL fundraiser involving spiritual guided walks in the grounds of Killarney House and Gardens has raised an impressive €500 to support the work of the Killarney Mountain Meitheal.

Eduard Schmidt-Zorner: Officiated at the cheque presentation

Whatever about the merits of a brisk walk on the beach, a slow, relaxing stroll through the park, at which techniques to enhance the senses while on the move were taught, held out great appeal in June.

The event was organised by Killarney Rotary Club members who teamed up with lecturer, author and spiritual retreat facilitator, Anne Alcock, to host the mindful hour-long walking sessions over five mornings.

The €5 per walk fee supported the invaluable work of the Killarney Mountain Meitheal environmental group and Rotary official, Eduard Schmidt-Zorner – deputising for president Conor Griffin – officiated at the presentation of the €500 cheque at the weekly Rotary luncheon on Wednesday.

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