Stench now a serious public health issue

A corridor in the €13.5 million Deer Lodge

FRUSTRATED staff working in a new mental health facility in Killarney have claimed when they complained to management about a foul smell that fills the building on an ongoing basis they were told to flush the toilets more often. has already reported how the stench is causing great distress for the residents and staff at the newly built Deer Lodge facility on St Margaret’s Road.

The €13.5 million building was officially opened in July 2017 but it has since emerged that the 40 residents and the staff have to endure an appalling stench for which no satisfactory solution can be found.

Cllr Michael Gleeson, who highlighted the issue, said it is long past time that the matter was seriously addressed by the authorities.

“Since the building opened a foul odour at times permeates the building to the great distress of the residents and the staff,” he said.

The local branch of the Psychiatric Nurses’ Association (PNA) said the very bad sewage smell – which seems to originate in the toilets – has been a problem since the day the centre opened almost two years ago.

The new €13.5m Deer Lodge facility on St Margaret’s Road

The PNA said it wrote to the HSE Area Manager for Mental Health Services in September 2017 and the solution suggested was to flush the toilets more frequently.

“A more recent circular from local HSE management advised to continue to flush the toilets and leave water taps running in the night time. To date all this flushing and tap running has achieved nothing except to waste water,” the PNA said in a statement.

The union insists that the underlying issue appears to be the constant blocking of an inadequate sized sewage pipe leading from Deer Lodge to main town sewerage system.

“This issue has not been addressed and constant rodding and flushing by maintenance staff has failed to resolve the issue. This is now a serious public health issue,” the PNA stated.

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