Students to promote savvy saving

The TY students from StBrigid’s Secondary School who have started their own school bank

A PROJECT by students to encourage their classmates and others to become savvy savers and learn about the importance of money has been launched in one Killarney secondary school.

The transition year class in St Brigid’s Presentation has opened what they have branded an Inside-Out Bank and the big launch took place this week in the school canteen.

During the year the student bankers will hold different events to raise money for the school. For the launch a hamper was raffled among customer thanks to the generosity of businesses in the town.

The school bank will open every Monday in the school and it will welcome pupils of all ages to start savings accounts.

Teacher Ms Brosnan remarked: “It’s great to be a part of the Build a Bank challenge and for the girls to be so involved. They are so enthusiastic about their bank and giving back to the school.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to broaden their horizons and to get the experience of running a small bank like this.”

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