Summer sevens reach last eight stage

THE stage is set for the quarter-finals of the Killarney Credit Union/Killarney Athletic AFC seven-a-side summer soccer tournament.

Tim Jones and Sons will play the Failte Bar in the first senior semi-final at 6.45pm on pitch one in Woodlawn Monday night next while, at the same time on pitch two, Tatler Toffees take on Dunloe Lodge in another 15-minute a side quarter-final.

The Flesk Restaurant’s quarter-final against FC Killarniho will be on pitch one at 7.45pm while The Failte Legends take on Tokey Badgers on pitch two at 7.20pm.

The over 35 semi-final between Leane’s Tool Hire and wither Mackey’s Crew II or Tim Jones Butchers will kick-off at 7.20pm.

The under 14 and under 16 semi-finals will be played on Tuesday night and on Wednesday night it will be the two 15-minute a side Reserve Cup semi-finals on pitch one and the Premier Cup semi-finals on pitch two at 7.00pm and 7.45pm respectively.

The date and time for the second over 35 semi-final will be confirmed later.

Click on team group images for details

Playoff B (1): Tough Totts 2 Mackey’s Young Ones 0
Playoff B (3): Bousie Brigade 0 The Hobbits 3
Playoff B (5): Mackey’s Crew 0 Flesk Restaurant 2
Playoff B (7): Tricel 2 MD O’Shea’s Park Road 3
Over 35: Leane’s Tool Hire 3 Kate Kearney’s Cottage 1
Playoff A (2): Liebherr Container Cranes 0 Dunboy Construction 2
Playoff A (1): Morris Not So Minors 1 Cronin’s Tyres Castlemaine 2
Playoff B (4): Duncan Donuts 0 Mustang Sallys 2
Playoff B (8): The Speakeasy 1 FC Killarinho 2
U16: Dan Linehan’s 0 Yurventus 3
U14: Omega Fitted Furniture 0 Bayern Neverloosin 5
Playoff B (2) A (1): Cronin’s Tyres Castlemaine 5 Celtic Steps 1
U14: Omega Fitted Furniture 2 JR Spares 0
U16: Dungers United 2 CRL Oil 0
U14: Steve’s Barbers FC 0 JR Spares 1
U16: Dungers United 1 Expected Toulouse 2
U16: Failte Hotel 1 Pique Blinders 2
U14: Yurt FC 1 Bombers 3
U16: Dan Linehan’s 4 Failte Hotel 2
U14: Bayern Neverloosin 1 Bombers 1
U16: Expected Tolulouse 4 AFC Golly 0
Last 16 Winners B (7): MD O’Shea’s 4 Failte Legends 5 After extra time and penalties
U16: CRL Oil 1 AFC Golly 1
B (6): Tru Pro 1 Dunboy Construction 0
Over 35: Leane’s Tool Hire 4 Charlie Foleys 3
Last 16 Winner B (6): Tru Pro 1 The Failte Bar 2
Last 16 Winners B (1) :Tough Totts 2 Tim Jones & Sons 5
Last 16 Winners B (4): Mustang Sallys 4 Tokey Badgers FC 5
Last 16 Winners B (5) :Flesk Restaurant 1 Dyslexia Utined 3
Over 35: Mackey’s Crew II 0 Kate Kearney’s Cottage 3
Last 16 Winners B (2) :Cronin’s Tyres Castlemaine 1 Dunloe Lodge 2
Last 16 Winners B (8): FC Killarinho 2 Steve’s Barber 2 FC Killarinho won on penalties
Last 16 Winners B (3): The Hobbits 1 Tatler Toffees 2

U10 and U12 Tournament
Friday, July 14
Pitch 1
5.30: U10 Mackeys Crew V Beastly City
5.55: U10 Mackeys Crew V Firies FC
6.20: U10 Beastly City V Firies FC
6.45: U12 Games of Throw Ins V Things are getting messi
7.10: U10 Mackeys Crew V Beastly City
7.35: U10 Beastly City v Firies FC
8.00: U12 Westbrook V Flesk Rovers
8.25: U10 Mackeys Crew v Firies FC
8.50: U12 Pollarney FC V Flesk Rovers

Pitch 2
5.30: U12 Game of Throw Ins V Timmy Farmers
5.55: U12 Things are getting messi V Falvey’s FC
6.20: U12 Pollarney FC V Westbrook
6.45: U12 That’s the Stuff Boys FC V Flesk Rovers
7.10: U12 Timmy Farmers V Flavey’s FC
7.35: U12 Pollarney FC V That’s the Stuff Boys FC
8.00: U12 Games of Throw Ins V Falvey’s FC
8.25: U12 Timmy Farmers V Things are getting messi
8.50: U12 Westbrook V That’s the Stuff Boys FC

Saturday, July 15
Pitch 1
10.00: U10 Semi-Final 2nd Placed Team 3rd Placed Team
10.25 :U12 Semi-Final Winner Group A v Runner Up Group B
10.55: U10 Final
11.30: U12 Final

Pitch 2
10.25: U12 Semi-Final Winner Group B v Runner Up group A It’s the talk of the town. To advertise call 087-2229761