Take it as red that Killarney is beautiful

The spectacular sunset as seen from the Lake Hotel in Killarney this evening

Do you know the hour
When the sun goes down
Is a beautiful time of day
When your work is done
And the shadows fall
And your worries are laid away

ALTHOUGH Kerry is still counting the considerable cost of Storm Barra, which left a trail of destruction in its wake last week, sending doszns of trees and power lines crashing to the ground, an equally dramatic weather-related image emerged in Killarney this evening – but this one is much easier on the eye.

This was the truly spectacular sunset caught on camera at the Lake Hotel in Muckross with the scorching red eye-catching vista turning heads for anybody lucky enough to experience it.

The magnificent sunset reflecting on the still and calm lakes

These images, captured by hotelier Tony Huggard, show the magnificent sunset reflecting on the still and calm lakes of Killarney as darkness begins to fall with the mountains providing the perfect backdrop.

Met Éireann has issued a nationwide fog warning for tonight with reduced visibility in some areas likely to lead to difficult travel conditions but the mist and fog will lift from most areas on Tuesday morning to leave it mostly dry with a mix of cloud and sunny spells.