TD warns minister must go or face protests

Deputy Danny Healy-Rae: wants minister to go

A KERRY TD has questioned if the disgruntled people of Ireland will have to put on yellow vests to protest in a similar manner to what demonstrators have been doing in France in recent weeks.

Deputy Danny Healy-Rae warned that could happen if the Government does not force Transport, Tourism and Sport Minister, Shane Ross, to resign following his decision to increase penalty points for motorists who flout speed limits.

“I am very disappointed with the minister’s new proposals to penalise motorists with more penalty points and threats. I am asking that he be resigned by the government,” he said.

New penalties for motorists will be decided by the speeds at which they are detected under a proposed law to be considered by the government.

Under current legislation, speeding motorists face the same penalty ­– a fine of €80 and three penalty points – no matter what speed has been detected.

The proposed new bill will see penalties for speeding divided into different bands with increased penalties with more serious offenders being hit harder.

The changes proposed have met with strong protests from some TDs and none mores so that Deputy Healy-Rae who has been at loggerheads with Minister Ross on a number of issues.

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