Thanking Peter Keane now would be ‘premature’

Dermot Weeshie Lynch: Process must be respected

A SENIOR GAA official has insisted that it would be premature for the Kerry County Board to thank Peter Keane and the outgoing management team for their work until the new manager is formally ratified by delegates.

Munster Council Treasurer Dermot Weeshie Lynch was responding to an opinion piece on KillarneyToday.com criticising the fact that, over a month after his three-year term at the helm had concluded, Keane has still to be publicly thanked for his work and commitment.

The Kerry GAA executive has since stated that the process to appoint a new manager has not yet concluded and Keane and his colleagues would not be formally thanked until that has happened.

Lynch, who is expected to be in the running for the Kerry vice-chairman position at the December convention, said the five-man committee established to select a new manager has only made a recommendation as to who should get the job and it must be officially ratified by delegates at the county committee meeting next Monday night.

Peter Keane: Outgoing
Jack O’Connor: Incoming

He said it would be premature and inappropriate for the executive to publicly thank the outgoing management in case delegates rejected the O’Connor recommendation and it would then go back to the drawing board.

“I’m sure Peter and his team will be adequately thanked when the process has been completed,” said Lynch who added that he realised there has been a four-week vacuum since Keane’s term ended.

“It’s worth remembering that there is a process there and, at this stage, the appointment of Jack O’Connor is still only a proposal until it is ratified,” said Keane who acknowledged that it was more or less a foregone conclusion based on precedent.

“Personally, I am very thankful to Peter Keane and his management team for their great work,” the Munster Council official added.

In a terse, one sentence statement issued on Friday night, the county executive announced that a three-man management team would be proposed for ratification at the county committee meeting on October 4.

The three-year term of management team led by Peter Keane officially expired on August 28.

Lynch said he had discussed the KillarneyToday.com opinion piece with one of the five-man committee that chose Jack O’Connor and it was decided that it was important to highlight the process that had to be adhered to.