Thanks to the cable guys for leaving us their cable ties

Cable ties left on poles opposite the Liebherr factory in Killarney is just one of many examples spotted

THEY were fast out of the blocks to find the best vantage points for their election posters, almost tripping over themselves in the rush to secure the perfectly placed pole or the best ditch at a busy junction.

Unfortunately, however, some of the general election campaign teams were not in a such a hurry to remove all traces of their unsightly promotional literature after the votes had been cast.

Micheál Martin posters still in place but whoever removed the ones beneath didn’t do the job properly

A quick inspection by this afternoon discovered that while many of the posters themselves had been whipped down pretty within days of the count ending, many representatives of candidates opted to take the lazy, irresponsible and downright infuriating option of leaving the heavy-duty plastic cable ties attached to the poles.

They took it upon themselves, in other words, to let somebody else worry about it.

As soon as the election was called, snapshots were photo-shopped, blemishes removed, posters printed, cable ties unwrapped and ladders mounted with great gusto as the poster boys ensured their political heroes were afforded the best vantage points in and around Killarney.

The ties were left for somebody else to clean up

And although they were one or two notable incidents where a 20-year agreement not to erect posters or billboards inside the urban boundary was not adhered to, in fairness to the candidates involved, they were removed once they were reminded of that pact.

The law states that election posters must be removed within seven days of polling day – meaning next Saturday is the ultimate deadline – before penalties of up to €150 per offence come into effect.

Kerry County Council also asked candidates of all parties and none to remove cable ties which are often left behind when posters are removed and which are unsightly and constitute litter.

That particular request, however, appears to have fallen on deaf ears where some of the candidates in Kerry are concerned. But, thankfully, photographs of where which poster was where are available and the candidates involved can be immediately identifiable.

Unless, of course, they return before Saturday to complete the job as they should have done in the first place.

Watch this space.

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