There is always something new to learn and problems to solve

Ciara Dennehy

PROGRESSIVE Killarney container cranes manufacturer Liebherr currently has 15 students participating in the company’s engineering scholarship programme. With applications for the 2021 Electrical/Automation Engineering Scholarship now open, we have invited previous recipients to share their experiences. This week it’s Ciara Dennehy.

I studied Manufacturing and Mechatronic Engineering to degree level and applied for and was awarded the Liebherr Engineering Scholarship Programme in 2019 when I was in the second year of her degree at Munster Technological University.

The Liebherr Scholarship Programme has offered me a great amount of support and resources. With the promise of summer work each year, and placement, it allowed me to better dedicate myself to my studies.

At Liebherr Ciars has been surrounded by people who are always willing to help and share their knowledge

It has been a real benefit when you can see in practice how what you study in the classroom applies to industry. The programme provides great scope and incentive to learn.

It has also allowed me to explore more career possibilities by providing opportunities to work in different areas. I would not hesitate in recommending the Liebherr Scholarship Programme to anyone interested in pursuing a career in engineering.

This year, I completed her studies and has now taken up full-time employment with Liebherr as a Graduate Automation Engineer and I am immersed in the daily business of developing and building some of the most advanced container handling cranes on the planet.

Now that I am working as a Graduate Automation Engineer, it is clear to see how well this programme has prepared me for this role and just how innovative Liebherr is. We are continuously developing new ground-breaking systems and software which makes the prospect of each project more challenging and exciting.

This really is what makes the work so enjoyable as there is always something new to learn and problems to solve.

Some of the projects I have worked on to date include developing applications for wind speed monitoring and smart network commissioning. I have also been tasked with emulating crane cameras for testing video management systems and I am currently working with our Remote Operator Station and the Liebherr crane simulator, LiSim.

As exciting as all of these projects have been, the wealth of knowledge that Liebherr has to share is possibly one of the greatest advantages of the scholarship.

Throughout, I have been surrounded by people who are always willing to help and share their knowledge and this support only makes it more satisfying when you see your projects implemented.

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