This could be a happier place for those suffering

Cllr Fionnán Fitzgerald: Wants Kerry to be a dementia friendly destination

STEPS should be taken to turn Kerry into a dementia friendly county, it has been proposed.

Huge suffering is endured by people with dementia as they try to shop, visit tourist sites of try to pay at kiosks and an effort should be made to make their lives a little easier, Cllr Fionnán Fitzgerald has suggested.

He said with a greater awareness by everybody in Kerry, it could be made a happier place for those suffering with the disease and their families and loved ones.

“We can also make this county a much more enjoyable place to visit for those who labour under this disease,” Cllr Fitzgerald stated.

“We can help provide them with a place to visit that is understanding of their problems and kind to them as a consequence,” he said.

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