Threat of serious illness if consumed

The toxin can cause serious illness if consumed either raw or cooked

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority has warned the public not to gather shellfish for consumption in the Castlemaine Harbour area of Kerry, due to the presence of two marine toxin groups that can cause serious illness if consumed either raw or cooked.

The toxin groups, Paralytic Shellfish Toxins and Diarrhetic Shellfish Toxins, were detected during routine testing by the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority with the Marine Institute.

The Castlemaine production area is now closed for the harvesting of shellfish until further notice.

Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority chief, Paschal Hayes, said Ireland has a robust and effective shellfish monitoring programme in place to ensure that the highest standards of health and safety are maintained at all times, for the benefit of consumers and to maintain Ireland’s reputation as a world-class producer.  

“This monitoring programme has now detected the presence of two serious toxins in the Castlemaine Harbour area and we are strongly advising members of the public not to gather shellfish for personal consumption in this area,” he advied.

Mr Hayes also told the public to only purchase seafood, whether for personal consumption or for sale, through reputable suppliers.

“Food businesses, including restaurants and retail outlets, should always look for the oval approval number on orders which confirms the supplier is approved to sell live bivalve

molluscs,” he said,

Anyone with concerns regarding fishing activity that might be illegal or contrary to seafood safety regulations should contact the regulator directly via its confidential telephone line at 1800-76-76-76. 

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