‘We’re all in this together: Stay safe, take care and look out for one another’

The positive messages on the windows of Christy’s Gift Store

A DECISION of one Killarney company to board up its windows for security reasons, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to escalate, sparked much comment on social media and in the printed press with some observers questioning the necessity of what appeared to be a rather extreme measure.

It’s a different story today, however, as attractive panels with positive messages have been slotted in to cover the hoarding and, in addition to brightening up the building, it is helping to fill the heads of passers-by with happier thoughts.

A message of thanks to the people working through the Covid-19 crisis

One of the messages on the Christy’s Gift Store windows – on the Main Street-Plunkett Street junction states: “We’re all in this together: Stay safe, take care and look out for one another”.

Another window is used to thank the healthcare workers, food producers, grocery retailers, shop attendants, delivery drivers and others for their commitment and resolve and for working tirelessly during the crisis.

Similar messages have been posted over hoarding on the Kilkenny store on New Street which is owned by the same company.

Only essential businesses remain open in Killarney, including supermarkets, pharmacies, fuel stations and financial institutions, and those that are trading have put very strict social distancing measures in place.

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