‘The town is well prepared for the many tourists it will greet’

Killarney: Third in the entire country

KILLARNEY finished in third position overall in the latest Irish Business Against Litter table, claiming one of the prime positions behind Kilkenny and Athlone. Of the 10 areas inspected, just one failed to secure an A grade with the presence of cigarette butts and food items in the buses near the courthouse resulting in a B grade being warded. Adjudicated by members of An Taisce, this is the full report of the adjudication panel that visited Killarney.

Under the Team Killarney umbrella, a concerted volunteering effort, in conjunction with the municipal authority, has helped Killarney to a result which suggests the town is well prepared for the many tourists it will greet over the coming months.

What sets Killarney and other top ranking towns apart is not just the lack of litter but the overall presentation and maintenance of the town centre environment – paving, seating, bollards, planted areas, visitor information notice boards, etc. Evidence of this was particularly noticeable along High Street, Plunkett Street and College Street.

The recycle facility at Beech Road car park deserves a special mention as it was exceptionally clean – a rarity in the experience of IBAL litter surveys.

Kenmare Approach Road: Grade A. This was an excellent route leading into Killarney, creating a very positive first impression of the town. This high standard was sustained for almost all of the sites surveyed.

College Street was excellent with regard to litter and overall presentation

College Street: Grade A. Many of the individual premises were brightly painted and this freshness contributed to the overall impression created along College Street. Paving, street bins, old style lamps on a building, visitor information notice and planting were all in very good condition. College Street was excellent with regard to litter and overall presentation.

Countess Road: Grade A. Road surface, signage and markings create a positive impression along Countess Road. There was a virtual absence of litter throughout.

High Street: Grade A. Shopfronts, street bins, bollards and paving were in excellent condition along High Street. The overall impression created was a very fresh one, with the area immediately surrounding the wooden seating particularly well presented. Cigarette butts did feature, but not overly so. Care needs to be taken that cigarette butt units are emptied and don’t contribute to litter situation.

With a little extra effort the courthouse area could be a top ranking site

New Street: Grade A. A row of brightly painted thee-storey buildings create a very good impression along New Street. It was a very clean, tidy and well attended shopping environment.

Plunkett Street: Grade A. It was striking how fresh the pavement along Plunkett Street presented. All aspects of the area surveyed were in very good order and it was excellent with regard to litter.

Recycle Facility Beech Road Car Park: Grade A. All aspects relating to this facility were in excellent order – the bins themselves were fresh in appearance, signage was clear and clean. It was spotless – quite a rarity in other recycle facilities throughout the country.

St Mary’s Road: Grade A. The overall impression created at this residential road was a very good one.

Courthouse and Environs: Grade B. This environment was a very well presented and managed town centre green space. It has been enhanced by Tidy Towns planting outside of the area. Cigarette butts were a big problem and there were other food related items in the bushes. With a little extra effort this could easily be a top-ranking site.

Tralee-Killarney Link Road: Grade A. The overall impression along this road was a very good one. It was noted that there was a major improvement in Farranfore. The ‘Litter Awareness’ notice outside Killarney is partly obscured by vegetation.

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