Tree of Hope a beacon for grazing deer

The deer grazing in the shadow of St Mary’s Cathedral close to the magnificent Tree of Hope

IT could have been a scene from a magical Disney movie or a festive season blockbuster. What it was, in fact, was Mother Nature at her finest and it created a wonderful sight in the darkness on a bleak and cold January night in Killarney town centre.

With the towering, twinkling Tree of Hope as a beacon to guide them, adventurous deer meandered from their familiar territory in Killarney National Park at Knockreer and crossed the main road to the grounds of St Mary’s Cathedral shortly after 11 o’clock.

The deer caught in the glare of the ground-level spotlights in the church grounds

They happily feasted on the plush grass on the church lawns, safe in the knowledge that they were unlikely to be disturbed and with very little traffic on the roads during the Covid lockdown.

As he was passing by, an alert John O’Callaghan’s eyes were first drawn to the magnificent Californian Redwood tree which will stay lighting until the close of the month as a gesture of community solidarity during the pandemic.

But then John was alerted to movement in the shadow of the church where the grazing deer were illuminated by the ground-level spotlights designed to showcase the magnificence of the Augustus Pugin-designed cathedral.

John was quick to capture the moment on his smartphone and the images offer a wonderful glimpse of the opportunism of nature’s way after Killarney lays down its head to sleep.

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