Treyvaud’s recipes reaching thousands of homes

Paul Treyvaud will be getting creative in the kitchen on Virgin Media Two tonight

KILLARNEY restaurateur Paul Treyvaud has become a smash hit on reality television and the third episode of his new six-part cookery series will be beamed into thousands of homes on Virgin Media Two at 7.00pm this Thursday night.

His culinary skills and colourful personality reached a whole new audience over the past fortnight and the new series, Paul Treyvaud’s Kitchen, has become a major success.

Delighted producers at the station confirmed that the ratings far exceeded expectations for a highly competitive prime time TV slot.

The six-programme series, featuring 30-minute slots, has already been filmed at his home in Kenmare and the series is produced and directed by Enda Grace of Dundara Productions.

To whet the appetite of readers in advance of tonight’s show, here Paul shares the recipe and the methods for the delightful dessert that featured last week’s show.


What you need
A handful of Arborio rice per person
Knob of butter
1 litre of milk
100g sugar
1 vanilla pod
80mls pouring cream
1 tbsp Mascarpone cheese
200g good quality white chocolate
Fresh raspberries

What you do
Melt the knob of butter in a deep pan and add the rice on a very low heat
Warm the milk and add the sugar and de-seeded vanilla pod
Dissolve the sugar and then add a ladle of the milk until the rice has absorbed the milk
Add enough milk until rice is cooked
You might need to top up with cold milk if there is not enough
When the rice is cooked, add in the cream and Mascarpone cheese to enrich
Grate all the white chocolate and add half to the risotto, keeping half for garnish
Spoon the risotto into your serving dish and add fresh raspberries on top
Garnish with the remainder of grated white chocolate

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