Troian and Patrick bridge the Gap

Troian Bellisario’s Instagram post from the Gap of Dunloe

HUGELY popular actress Troian Bellisario was very taken by the scenery she encountered on a visit to Killarney in recent days – but she wasn’t too impressed when locals attempted to grab smartphone snapshots of her tucking into fish and chips in a local restaurant.

The American screen star – best known for her role as Spencer Hastings in the smash hit TV series Pretty Little Liars and the edgy drama Lauren – posted a Valentine’s Day photograph of her visit to the Gap of Dunloe for her 10.8 million followers on Instagram and remarked: “Didn’t make it to Dingle but the Gap of Dunloe is one of my favorite drives ever.”

But, earlier, she recounted her not so happy experience in a restaurant, when she said on Twitter: “To the ladies of Killarney, I am truly sorry. I was a bit short and wouldn’t take a selfie with you. But I really don’t love it when people giggle at me through windows and sneakily take pictures of me eating fish and chips. I just like it when people ask first. Again. Sorry.”

The photo from the Gap shared by Patrick J Adams

Troian, (32), who has 2.8 million followers on Twitter, is married to Suits star Patrick J Adams who accompanied her on a tour around Ireland, taking in Dublin, Galway and the Cliffs of Moher as well as Killarney.

Canadian actor and director Adams, who was awarded Honorary Life Membership of UCD’s Law Society, also shared a photo from the Gap of Dunloe on social media.

The Los Angeles, California born Bellisario also made appearances on hit TV shows Quantum Leap, First Monday and NCIS and she won a best actress award for her role in the 2010 drama Consent.

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