Two great teams, two proud parishes

Proud locals in Kilcummin have being showing their support for the team

KERRY’S double All-Ireland heroes are homeward bound and their arrival, with the glittering silverware in their safe possession, will spark unbridled celebrations later this evening in two very proud parishes.

Bonfires are ready to be ignited at Beaufort Bridge

The newly crowned All-Ireland Junior champions are expected to arrive back in Beaufort at around 5.45pm what a rousing reception they can expect when the team bus turns left over Beaufort Bridge – where bonfires have been built – for a night of celebrations following a job well done.

The Beaufort team and management will be arriving to the GAA pitch and a big crowd is expected to welcome home the champions

Intermediate champions Kilcummin, meanwhile, are expected to be back home at around 7.30 and the village won’t have experienced a celebration quite like it since the open air party that marked Sean Kelly’s elevation to the highest office in the GAA in 2003. The main focal point for the celebration will be the GAA clubhouse.

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