Villagers can Count on native son Davide

Davide Mosca has been named the 72nd Count Pierre in Verrès

A BIG Kerry contingent has descended on a picturesque village in Italy this weekend to celebrate a major occasion in the life of a well-known Killarney architect.

Davide Mosca has been named the 72nd Count Pierre in Verrès – his native village – and he is the first person living abroad to be honoured with the prestigious title.

It will effectively see Davide being crowned king for the duration of a four-day Mardi Gras festival – Italy’s version of the St Patrick’s Day celebrations – in the Aosta Valley village of Verrès which is located to the north-west of Turin.

John Purcell (left), Kerry County Council and Davide Mosca, consultant architect, at the official opening of ANAM in Killarney

According to legend dating back to the 1400s, the Count and Countess left Verrès Castle to join locals in a pre-Lent village celebration and the colourful tradition has been upheld since then, with one native son invited to become the Count every year.

The festival features pageantry, masquerade balls and drama as well as lavish dinners and community street celebrations.

Davide, a graduate of the University of Politecnico di Torina, has been living in Killarney for over 20 years and has his offices on High Street. He is married to Killarney native Linda O’Leary.

He is the third member of his family to be honoured as Count Pierre in Verrès and he follows in the footsteps of his late father and his brother.

Davide designed the striking ANAM Arts and Cultural Centre in Killarney and is also very prominent in Killarney Chamber of Tourism and Commerce.

Chamber President, Paul Sherry, is among a big contingent that has travelled to Italy to join in the celebrations.

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