Water supply sought for all graveyards

An effort will be made to provide a water supply in all burial grounds

A CALL has been made for water to be provided at all burial grounds in Kerry and, it is estimate, up to half the graveyards in the county do not have running water.

Cllr Michael Cahill said family members, relatives and friends who visit the graves of loved ones – many travelling long distances – have to bring their own water to tend to flowers and shrubs.

“This is a very important issue for many families who have fresh flowers and plants at the graves of loved ones,” said Cllr Cahill who asked the council to examine rain harvesting where there is no obvious local source”.

“Surely the cost of such a facility is not prohibitive” said Cllr Cahill who has also asked the South Kerry Development Partnership to examine funding options.

A Kerry County Council spokesperson said the local authority will endeavor, over time, to provide a water supply to graveyards which do not have one already, subject to available resources and funding.

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