‘We will do whatever it takes to fight it’

MEP Seán Kelly: “This is not a time for blockages and delays”

THE coronavirus pandemic and the danger it poses to life, health and wellbeing has focused everybody’s minds, hearts and energy on doing whatever it takes to fight it, MEP Seán Kelly has stressed.

The leader of Fine Gael in the EU Parliament was speaking this Thursday before voting, in a special email poll, in favour of emergency EU measures to help combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

He backed new legislation which will extend the scope of the EU Solidarity Fund so that billions of euros can be used to support regions most impacted in the months ahead and he voted in favour of creating an investment initiative to mobilise further billions in cash reserves from European Structural and Investment Funds to fight the crisis.

Mr Kelly was also in favour of relaxing rules so that airlines retain their flight slots at airports without having to fly empty planes.

The Fossa-based MEP said the two priority areas where any impediments must be removed are the medical sector and the food supply chain.

“Border checks which impede the transport sector must not be allowed. Designated green lanes to ensure the timely delivery of food and goods across borders must work effectively without bottlenecks,” Mr Kelly stated.

“The supply of personal protective equipment is of concern and we must assist where Member States have shortages. This is not a time for blockages and delays,” Mr Kelly stressed.

He said the MEPs also expressed gratitude to those working tirelessly on the medical frontline for their dedication and care.

“We all have a role to play to fight coronavirus and we welcome and urge everyone to follow the Irish government’s guidelines” Mr Kelly added.

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